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  • What is laser hair removal?
    Laser Hair removal uses fine tuned true lasers to emit exact wavelengths of light causing damage to the hair follicle thus resulting in the hair follicle "shutting down" and leaving you with permanent removal of the successfully treated hair.
  • How does the teeth whitening work?
    At Gem Spa we use medical grade LED teeth whitening lasers and 'Beaming White' peroxide-based teeth whitening Gel. Peroxide based teeth whitening gel opens the pores of the teeth to lift stains, the peroxide activates when the temperature increases and the teeth whitening laser accelerates the rate that the peroxide activates to create rapid shade improvement.
  • Where is Gem Spa located?
    8757 S Highland Dr. Sandy, UT 84093
  • What is the best way to get ahold of Gem Spa?
    The best way to get ahold of us is by text message at 801-703-4599 but you can also call, email us, message through facebook and instagram or stop by the spa. For teeth whitening text or call 801-414-1715
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